Our Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE) products use patented 2-stroke compression ignition technology to deliver maximum power-to-weight and best-in-class fuel efficiency for propulsion, electric and hydraulic power generation.

Developed for Unmanned Systems

FLTech's Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE) products were developed from the ground up for a variety of unmanned system requirements, ranging from propulsion to electric and hydraulic power generation. Patented 2-stroke heavy fuel, compression ignition technology*) is used to deliver the highest achievable power-to-weight ratio combined with best-in-class fuel efficiency and tolerance. FLTech's HFE products can be air-cooled or water-cooled. A wide range of outputs are available by scaling engine confi gurations from 1 to 6 cylinders to produce anything from 3hp to 60hp. Using our design experience and lightweight materials, we have achieved unrivalled power-to-weight ratios for heavy fuel engines. For example: our 2 cylinder, 13hp UAV engine weighs in at 16.5lb (7.5kg).

Low fuel consumption

FLTech's compression ignition technology offers a low BSFC of just 0.45lb/hp/hr, compared to a typical 0.70lb/hp/hr for comparable spark-ignited heavy fuel engines.

Endurance and low maintenance

FLTech's heavy fuel engines have achieved over 500 hours total engine life and 200 hours between overhauls. Our true compression ignition technology doesn't require spark plugs so there is no risk of plug fouling.

Superior fuel tolerance

Our engines have been validated to run on JP5, JP8 or diesel fuels with cetane values from 35 to 54 using mechanical fuel injection.

Operating environment

We have designed our engines to run at altitudes of up to 15,000ft and in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C (-30°C cold start).