Mainstream Vehicles

FLTech offers exceptionally high specific performance solutions that deliver both efficiency and economy. Spanning a complete solution from concept creation through to component manufacture. FLTech has a proven track record in assisting major manufacturers to design, develop and test state of the art products and systems.

With core engineering competence across both mechanical and electrical domains FLTech offers solutions for future market needs such as pressure charging, friction reduction and downsizing. Drawing upon motorsport and defence technology Cosworth's electronics offer the capability to support integrated systems with synchronised data and on-board processing for development, performance and occupant safety.

  • Base Engine: Emphasis on weight and friction reduction, thermal efficiency, dynamic system control and performance optimisation.
  • Hybridisation: Highly efficient, lightweight, compact, integrated and high specific performance combustion engine development and supply.
  • Electronics: Integrated systems capability targeted towards synchronised data and on-board processing for vehicle/driver performance feedback and occupant safety.
  • Manufacturing: Prototype and low to medium volume Tier 1 supply.
  • Demonstrators: Vehicle & technology demonstrator capability delivering solutions within compressed timescales.

With existing programmes across prime mover IC, hybrid IC and Electric powertrains FLTech has a proven track record to deliver.